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About Paul Precht

Paul Precht, founder of Paul Precht Energy Economics Ltd, is a Canadian-based energy economist, with over 35 years of experience in government, consulting and teaching. Paul has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Economics and Political Science, and a Master of Arts Degree in Economics, from the University of Alberta.
Paul’s experience, including over 20 years with Alberta Energy, provides a solid foundation for the work of Paul Precht Energy Economics Ltd, with highlights that include:

  • First Executive Director of Oil Sands and Upgrading in Alberta Department of Energy
  • Executive Director, Markets and Regulatory Policy
  • Key Alberta representative on National Task Force on Oil Sands Strategies
  • Co-Chair of Canada-Alberta Partnership on Minerals
  • Acting Assistant Deputy Minister, Sustainable Energy Development
  • Secondment to Petro-Canada International Assistance Corporation as Economic Advisor to the Minister of Energy and the national oil company of Tanzania

Paul Precht Energy Economics Ltd, the company he founded in 2000, is a consultancy focusing on energy economics. It specializes in the application of economic analysis and policy analysis to energy management and development issues, in Canada and internationally. The company works both independently and as a member of consortia and teams. As a consultant, Paul has worked in many jurisdictions in Canada as well as internationally in Latin America, Africa and Asia. His work extends to:

  • Energy Policies
  • Energy Fiscal Frameworks
  • Energy Legal and Regulatory Frameworks
  • Energy Development Analyses and Training

A small sampling of some highlights from Paul’s consulting work include:

  • Conducting a comprehensive review of Canada’s Frontier Lands Petroleum Royalty Regulation, including stakeholder consultation, issue identification and analysis, drafting of regulatory amendments.
  • Preparing draft Framework Regulations for Canada’s National Energy Board under the Frontier and Offshore Regulatory Review Initiative. This project included amalgamating 4 regulations relating to oil and gas exploration and development, converting all language to a goal-oriented approach and identifying and addressing gaps and issues. Paul served as contract manager and principal drafter for a team of 7 policy and technical experts.
  • With a colleague, preparing comprehensive economic models of
    • Alberta’s oil sands industry to allow the Government of Alberta to evaluate the potential for taking its bitumen royalty in kind
    • the Mackenzie Gas Project, including field development, gathering, processing and transmission, for the Government of Canada.
  • Working with an engineer and geologist, preparing a number of economic models of potential gas development plays for Government of Yukon.
  • Preparing draft regulations for managing and regulating oil and gas exploration and development activities for a number of Canadian jurisdictions, including Yukon, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Newfoundland & Labrador. Often working with a team of technical experts on these projects, and usually serving as contract manager.
  • Working on gas development strategies and gas pricing issues in regions with stranded or underdeveloped gas resources in Africa and South America.
  • Providing analysis and advice on structuring of Production Sharing Agreements, especially in Africa.
  • Working with First Nations in western and northern Canada on oil and gas developments and associated issues.
  • Servicing as expert witness before
    • The Federal Court of Canada on oil and gas taxation issues, and
    • A Specific Claims Tribunal on First Nation oil and gas issues.
  • Working internationally in Central America, South America, Africa and Asia, including working directly for the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the Commonwealth Secretariat and the African Development Bank.

For more information on the nature of his work and how he can assist you in issues you are facing, please contact Paul directly.