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What Paul Precht is Writing

Some Recent Publications by Paul Precht
Most of my papers and presentations are for clients, and not available to be publically shared. Every once in a while I write some that ends up the public domain, and following are links to a few of these publications.

Could Synthetic Crude Oil Shift Pipeline Politics, Edmonton Journal, April 30, 2016
My favoring of the Northern Gateway Pipeline has been rendered obsolete by the judgement of the federal court of Canada, and the failure of the federal government to appeal this decision or remedy its first nations’ consultations. I still stand behind the recommendation to ship synthetic crude oil.

Submission to Alberta’s Royalty Review Panel, September 2015
This submission was prepared for the Fort McMurray First Nation. The Royalty Review Panel’s process did not allow discussion or provide feedback on submissions. I believe the recommendations remain reasonable and appropriate.

Alberta Can Learn from Norway, Edmonton Journal, August 2015
I find Alberta’s petroleum revenue management to have been very disappointing. This article points out some reasons for this, and compares Alberta revenue management with Norway’s. Many suggest Alberta and Norway are not comparable as Norway is a country and Alberta a Province. These are arguments are largely red herrings, and based on misunderstandings.

Oil Sands Economics, Calgary, February 2013
Presentation to Petroleum History Society of Calgary, as part of its oil sands 101 series.