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I have worked with a number of associates on various projects over the years; some key associates are listed below.

Don Dempster, Wolf Island Engineering

  • Professional engineer
  • Experience in industry and government; expertise in upstream petroleum operations, regulatory structure and pipeline regulations
  • Partner in projects in Bolivia, Yukon, Nova Scotia, and Newfoundland & Labrador

Bill Matthews, William G Matthews Associates Ltd (site)

  • Chemical engineer and economist
  • Experience in industry and government; expertise in petroleum markets, petroleum refining, product handling and logistics, and natural gas logistics
  • Partner in projects in Bolivia, Tanzania and Canada

Larry Charach, Strategic Results Consulting Inc (site)

  • Analyst and government policy advisor with an MBA
  • Special expertise in electricity policy and energy markets
  • Partner in projects in Alberta respecting oil sands royalties and upgrading

Kevin Stecyk, Blue Glacier Capital Inc (site)

  1. Professional engineer with an MBA and CFA
  2. Experience in oil sands and natural gas; special expertise in economic modeling
  3. Partner in projects in Canada and Bolivia