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Key Consulting Activities

Royalty and Fiscal Analysis

  • Providing analysis and advice to governments in Canada, Africa and Latin America on royalty principles and structures
  • Preparing draft regulations and reporting requirements for petroleum royalty structures in Northern Canada and Atlantic Canada, including
    • conducting economic analysis
    • preparing background papers, briefings and presentations
    • conducting consultations
  • Providing assistance for Production Sharing Agreement modelling, project analysis and royalty policy for emerging economies in Africa and Latin America
  • Providing advice on petroleum revenue management to jurisdictions in Canada and Africa
  • Advising and assisting private sector clients on royalty and resource development issues
  • Testifying as an expert witness on petroleum taxation matters in front of the Federal Court of Canada

Regulatory Frameworks

  • Providing advice to governments and drafting regulations and guidelines regarding
    • royalty structures
    • tenure and rights management
    • exploration, development and resource conservation activities
    • shale gas and other unconventional resource developments
    • pipeline transportation and distribution systems
  • Providing advice and assistance in development of regulatory frameworks, including
    • modernizing and streamlining of regulations
    • developing innovative regulatory approaches, including performance-based and goal-oriented structures and transitioning from prescriptive regulations
    • drafting of regulations
  • Providing advice to governments on organizational structures for petroleum management and regulation
  • Preparing evidence for filings at hearings of regulatory agencies

Market Analysis and Economic Modeling

  • Background and analysis on natural gas market dynamics for a major Canadian gas distributor
  • Assessment of fiscal structures, taxation strategies and energy markets relating to northern petroleum production and pipeline development in Canada
  • Assessments and advice to First Nations on ownership arrangements and fiscal structures relating to northern petroleum production and pipeline development in Canada
  • Work on national energy balances, energy modeling, energy statistics, and energy use efficiency
  • Workshops and analysis of natural gas pricing and potential market structures in Peru, Bolivia and Tanzania
  • Analysis of upgrading incentives and value-adding policy alternatives for Alberta’s oil sands resource
  • Modeling of Alberta’s oil sands sector, projected by project, for purposes of royalty policy analysis
  • Modeling of northern gas pipeline project and associated field developments for Government of Canada for purposes of economic analysis and policy analysis
  • Analysis of benefits from and potential for mineral development for strengthening economies of East Africa Community countries


  • Developing and delivering courses and workshops in the following areas:
    • global petroleum markets
    • introduction to the petroleum industry
    • regulatory economics
    • petroleum royalty and fiscal systems
    • project appraisals and project economics in the upstream, midstream and downstream petroleum sectorsnatural gas markets and pricing.
  • Training government officials in Tanzania, Pakistan, Bolivia and Belize in analytic principles and modelling techniques for appraisal of petroleum investment projects
  • Training Chinese government and industry officials in petroleum fiscal systems and role of government in the petroleum sector
  • Training in mining regulation at Kyrgyz Mining Institute
  • Worked with Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology in developing course in Petroleum Economics
  • Developed CD learning modules in Mining Regulatory Framework and Mining Fiscal Systems for University of Alberta International
  • Taught Energy Economics to MBA students at Athabasca University, ranked among the top Executive MBA programs in Canada
  • Mentor to graduate students in economics at University of Alberta