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What Paul is Reading Page

I am an avid reader. For a number of years I sought to share about some of what I was reading on my website, posting book reviews that might prompt others to pick these books up. While I continue to read, I have found in recent years that I have not been as motivated to write and post reviews. The result was that my website included a number of reviews of books that were somewhat dated, to the point it was becoming a bit of an embarrassment to me. So I have decided to delete these book reviews and replace them with something briefer and more current, which I shall seek to update periodically.

Following are some books I have recently read, with some brief annotations and in no particular order. If you live in Edmonton vicinity, I’d be happy to get together to discuss. I may even lend you my copy – I tend to buy hard copies, maybe because that’s just what I’m used to and most comfortable with. Don’t hesitate to get in touch.